'Satvik' is our new offering in Automated Cooking. It holds the power to avail you with freedom of homely meals at your time with almost no efforts. Please have a look at its promotional video, don't forget to share us with your comments and suggestions. We are launching/rebranding new series with name 'ShivRaman'.

'Upma' cooking demonstration with Satvik

'Satvik' cooking South Indian Recipe named "Upma". One of the tastiest and lightest snack and break fast. 'Upma' can be prepared in many ways, present is basic demonstration.

'Aloo Poha' cooking demonstration with Satvik

'Satvik' cooks Aloo Poha, a traditional break fast commonly known as "Poha". One new and break fast. 'Poha' can be differently customized based on requirements, here is the plain version.

'Brinjal Curry' cooking demonstration with Satvik

Indian cuisine consists lots of curries cooking. It formaly provides one of the main portion of diet. Here we present cooking of Brinjal and Chilli.


'swaras' is our first product for Automated Cooking Platform. 'swaras' is Powered by SmartyChef's cooking algorithms and Health+ offerings. SmartyChef Technology is a smart food, meal, dish, recipe cooking platform, that cooks you endless veriety of recipes based on your preferences and taste; keeping in mind best of health and hygiene.  An app in your smart device is needed to control this machine.  Our vision is to provide an automated cooking machine that could cater multiple cuisines cooking options at ease of touch. 
Health matters and so do taste and time. 

  • Don't have time to cook.
  • Don't know how to cook or tired of long day and don't want to cook.
  • Bored of eating restaurant items, want to eat something healthy and tasty.
  • Want homely cooked food.

Automated Cooking

Healthy concept around with whole product is centered, it offers to auto cook various recipes.

Luxurious Revolution

New range of appliance, which offers to automate most complex tasks of cooking

Cloud Support

Centralized server for all needs such as recipe downloads, management, remote operations etc.

Professional Design

Design which makes automated cooking possible. While modularity enhances level and range of operations


You can operate SmartyChef from any where in your home. You just need our App, which provides immense features.

Smart Attachments

SmartyChef comes with smart attachments, which gets attached to Machine and executes various tasks.

Few snaps


Presenting our first product towards the future of automated cooking. Capable of performing various cooking operations such as Adding, mixing, stirring, sprinkling, heat varition, storing etc operations. Have a look at our technology in 3D. Hover mouse over the image and rotate side ways to have a better overview.

Satvik automatic cooking machine, our new product from  satvik automatic multi cuisine cooking machine.

Controlling ease

Very easy in controlling, most of the operation of controlling machine are possible with Device and controlling app. Operations like Auto Cooking, profile management, user and stock management, reporting and feedback etc are possible through device. We will update mobile app details very soon.

smartychef automatic cooking machine application image


SmartyChef offers a great platform for automated cooking. SmartyChef is more a platform then a product, that is you can leverage it for multiple of cooking related operations. It is very flexible interms of extendability with vessels and modules and efficient in terms of cooking. SmartyChef was born with concept of providing automated cooking on regularly basis.

Please have a look at SmartyChef's features.

smartychef automatic cooking machine health and hygienic

Health and Hygienic

Our main moto.

smartychef automatic cooking machine image performs optimum automation

Optimum Automation

The best level of automation.

smartychef automatic cooking machine it is a mini kitchen image

Mini Kitchen

A small self contained kitchen.

customize smarty chef as you like image


It is highly customizable and configurable.

smartychefs cooking methodology

Cooking Methodology

Smartness with art.

smarty chef's usability in kitchen operations and cooking


A level of easy ness.

smartychef is highly cost efficient

Cost effective

Cooks smart to save your assets

smartychef's targeted audience image

Targeted Audience

Every one...

About us

We are new start up from India. Our only moto is healthy eating and smart living. Considering our concept, we have been developing automated cooking technology, because we think that cooking consumes most of time and efforts in ones family and life. If we would be able to save few hours in day and few smiles via good health, we would consider our task achieved.

SmartyChef is a cooking platform with an idea of supporting people with varieties of needs.

In today's generation, people hardly get time to sit and enjoy the meal for which they are working so hard. Now, this technology solves multiple problems related to cooking. i.e. it provides recipes/dishes ready to eat at determined time with optimum mixture of taste and health, saves time that people spend on preparing it. It is highly hygienic in food preparing process, as performs operations with least user interactions. Provides a well cooked tasty dish ready to eat.

Contact Us

We are available for any queries related to SmartyChef, Please drop us an email with your needs. Please feel free to contact us for any other reasons.

Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks for interest. We will provide more cooking and technology understanding videos on various platforms. Please stay tuned and share your comments with us.

Basically cooking defers based on models and variants. 'Satvik' is our basic model and also technology demonstrator, however he can cook curries, sweets, soups etc. based on cooking capabilities it has.

Our technology has capabilities to fully automate cooking. However we have a vision that the technology has to be economically viable. Hence, we always work on optimal solution that provides your ready to eat meals with a cost suitable to all.

Very soon we will provide cost and shipping related details. By the time, please register with us so you can quickly receive any information/updates from our end.

Please register with us, and our customer representative will get in touch with you.

'Satvik' is mainly designed for homely usage, but you can use it in commercial purposes, However we will have different variants that suits commercial requirements.

Yes, it comes with default vessel, wherein you can buy additional based on your requirements.

Operating 'Satvik' is very easy just like you play a game on mobile devices. You should be ready to go on day 1 with Mobile application and 'Satvik'.

Our mobile application, would be used for any operation on 'Satvik'. You can access various recipes from variety of cuisines. Also you can customize them or create your own